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Sept 2005 - Back to School, Land Purchase

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Baldaeus Theological College,
News update, September 2005

Dear Friends,

We are thankful for the prayers, fellowship and support of God's people for our ministry here. We are continually seeing the fruits of those labours of love.

The college enjoyed a new lease of life as the new term began this September. Priya Handy has joined us taking many of the responsibilities of leadership/principalship of the college. Presently he is teaching three courses, coming every other week from Wednesday to Saturday. His input and many talents are invaluable, especially as we go through the process of buying land and lay plans for building our new campus.

It has also been a joy to welcome Newton back into our midst after his sojourn in the UK. Not only is he teaching but he is also putting our hostel into good working order and cleaning up the campus. He surely is a man of many gifts, able to motivate and encourage the students physically, socially and spiritually. With Satyendira and Alexander, we now have a team of four permanent faculty members. The Lord has surely provided very richly for us with these gifted men.

On the 1-2 September the staff spent a couple of days together in fellowship, Bible study and prayer as we considered the challenges of the new term and the ministry God has placed in our hands. It was a special time, causing us to realise afresh our dependency upon Him and the need to work together as a team and seek His guidance in all that we do.

Three new students have joined us this term, bringing their own personalities, gifts and talents into the Baldaeus family. Augustine has also returned to complete his studies. We rejoice to see young men and women so eager and zealous to know the Lord and so desiring to equip themselves to serve Him. We have a great responsibility. May all the students grow to become truly Godly men and women after His own heart.

Under Sivakumar's able leadership our extension centre in Hatton is experiencing much growth in its minstry. We are now holding regular modular courses every two months, with many eager students coming. We would value prayers for Sivakumar's wife, Vimala, who is 6 months pregnant and has had a few complications. Also for Chitra, the wife of our student, Jegan, who is about to give birth any day now. Both these women are residing upcountry, a considerable distance from good hospital care, so pray for peaceful hearts and safe deliveries for them.

A proposal has been prepared for the land purchase/building plan. It is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (requires version 5.0 or higher). AcrobatReader

Baldaeus Land Proposal - Adobe PDF (350K)
Baldaeus Land Proposal - MS Word (2.4MB)

We ask you to prayerfully consider contributing to this major step forward for the college.

Finally please pray also for this country as we head up to the presidential elections on November 17th.

Yours in Christ,


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