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Faculty and Administrative Staff

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The highest body in BTC is the Board of Governors. It makes the appointments of all the principal officers of the college and gives the final approval of the budget, corporate plan etc. The day to day running of the college is handled by the Principal and the administrative staff.

Administrative Staff:

Jaqui Hoole - Acting Principal
Jeyaseelan - Administrative Assitant & Hostel Warden
Celin Fernando - Accounts
Ravi - Office Assistant

Faculty Members:

Mr. T. Newton Jeyaraj, Dean of Students

Qualifications: Bachelor of Theology, Colombo Theological Seminary Diploma in Theology, Colombo Theological Seminary
Teaching area: New Testament, Youth Ministry

Mr. Priyakumar Handy, Pastor

Qualifications: Master of Theology (M.Th.), University of Glamorgan, Wales Bachelor of Theology, Colombo Theological Seminary, M.Sc. Industrial Fishing, Moscow University
Teaching area: Old Testament, Creation and Science, Aspects of Modernity, Penteteuch

Mr. Jothy Hoole, Pastor

Qualifications: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Birmingham M.Phil. in Theology (cand.), Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Teaching area: Old Testament, Pastoralia
Published work: Commentary on Amos (Tamil), manuscript ready for publication)

Mrs. Jacqueline Hoole, Homemaker

Qualifications: M.A. Theology (cand.), School of Theol, Fuller, USA Diploma in Biblical and Mission Studies, Redcliff Missionary Training College, U.K. B.A. (Hons) Geography and Sociology, University of Hull, U.K.
Teaching area: Biblical Greek, English Language, Islam and Mission Studies

Rev. Martin Lloyd, Pastor

Qualifications: M.A. in Theology, University of Aberystwyth B.Sc.
Teaching area: Theology, Biblical Counseling

Mr. S. Masilamany, Bible teacher and Pastor

Qualifications: Master of Theology (M.Th), Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Korea Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines Bachelor of Theology, Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines
Teaching area: Homiletics

Mr. V.P. Satyendra, Bible Teacher

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