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September 2004 - Newton in Wales, New Staff and Students

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Dear Friends,

Newton's visa and studies: The Lord's providential hand was evident as Newton got his UK visa on Friday afternoon August 27th and flew out on Saturday morning! He had a pretty grueling two hour health check as soon as he reached Heathrow, but was able to have a more relaxed time on Sunday with the folk at Every Nation Gospel Fellowship in Southall.

Newton has settled into his studies and life in Wales. Thankfully his English was considered good enough for him to begin the course immediately. Otherwise he would have been required to do an initial year of English first! Please pray that sufficient funds will come in for him.

Alexander: He has now been with us for a month. He is staying in our student hostel and has made a good start on learning Tamil. He had his first experience of teaching late August at our mini Bible School in Hatton. He has been accepted onto an M.Phil. programme at Eastern University, here in Trinco, and on that basis we hope to secure a two year student visa for him.

The new term: The first week of the term has been busy but smooth. Our two new faculty members, Satyendra and Alexander, are both settling into life in the college and the hostel. All our students have returned and one new student has joined us, Jacob, from Hatton (our up-country contingent is definitely growing!).

A new hostel: We still have not found another hostel, but there is a possibility that we may be able to takeover the use of the Methodist Women's hostel, just up the road, in November. This would really be excellent if it works out, since it is a large building with at least 8 sizable rooms. Please pray on with us!

Graduation Service: We are in the process of planning our first graduation service for 29th October. We would really appreciate your prayers for this since it is a significant milestone for us! Jeyaseelan, Alexander and Satyendra are doing all the planning. We trust this will be a time of real thanksgiving to the Lord and encouragement to the students who are moving on.

Thanksgiving service: We hope to have a low key Thanksgiving service on the 28th September here in the college, marking the years' anniversary since the Lord took Charles to Himself.

With Thanks,

In His service


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