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Charles Hoole, a man with a vision - 1951-2003

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Charles Hoole, a man with a vision - 1951-2003

Charles Hoole came to know the Lord in 1974 through Calvary Church, Brighton. He entered Hull University in 1977, studying theology. He engaged in the Christian Union outreach among overseas students, as did Jaqui Guiver. Charles then went to Nigeria, Jaqui to Pakistan, but they kept contact by letter, meeting briefly in UK again when Charles returned to Hull for Masters studies. Jaqui was at Redcliffe Missionary Training College, and then moved to Southall. Next Charles went to Canada and Jaqui to Afghanistan. Steadily their friendship grew through correspondence. Jaqui and Charles married in Brighton in 1989, initially living in Canada where Charles obtained his Ph.D. from MacMaster University.

Returning to his homeland in 1994 he joined the faculty of Colombo Theological Seminary and later became Academic Dean. Charles' concern for the Tamil students and for churches in the war-torn North-East intensified. Students from this area found adjustment to city life hard, travel difficult and the were often the subject of suspicion by the authorities often suspicious. Mature pastors had been forced to leave churches without leadership. Churches were springing up led by untrained men, lacking basic bible knowledge and open to rapidly spreading erroneous teaching. Authority patterns in leadership needed transforming to more biblical models. A clearly Word-based theological college was needed, accessible to Tamil and Sinhalese students from the entire island.

Charles sought support for his vision in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.A. Assisted by two C.T.S. graduates who had completed Masters studies at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales, the seemingly impossible was achieved on January 31st 2000 when Baldaeus Theological College opened in Trincomalee.

Constant challenges and tests of faith have followed. Charles' vision has yet to be fully achieved. He wanted a campus where students had access to a resident faculty who could exemplify Christian living and "using the towel". Almost all lecturers have commuted from Colombo - not an easy trip. Others visit from the U.K. and elsewhere.

Charles' heart attack and death early on September 28th leaves Jaqui Hoole with four children aged 2 to 13 years, and responsible as `Acting Principal' for 20 grieving students plus the continuation of college life.

Jaqui has written, "Sometimes I think I would like to write a whole book about Charles as I realise the person he really was, so selfless. His love for the students and desire to train people to be true godly leaders was total and also very painful at times. Yes, now he is with Christ, at rest."

Arthur Imbrey
Every Nation Gospel Fellowship, Southall

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