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October 2003 - To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain

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Dr. Charles Hoole ‘For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain’ Phil. 1:21

Our beloved brother and principal, Charles R. A. Hoole, received his final reward on September 28th and was ushered into the presence of his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. His sudden heart attack and parting from his earthly life and service was a shock to all, but we rest in the sure knowledge that God in His sovereignty appointed his time and although we cannot understand His ways, we know that He is faithful and holy, we can implicitly trust Him to provide for the college and Charles’ family.

Members of the college family, students, staff and Board members, all graciously played their part in all the subsequent proceedings. The girls sang beautifully for hours as his body lay in the college hall, while the boys took turns in fanning away the flies and lifting the veil as many came to pay their respects. Charles brothers, Jeevan, Jothy, Paul and Noel, all came with their families. It was amazing how many arrived from all around the island for the Thanksgiving service the following day, an indication of how many lives Charles had touched, and the regard which many held for him. Charles’ children, Thayawu (13), Anbu (11), Sama (9) and Mahilyesan (2) were all greatly comforted by the presence of such a large crowd and saw their father in a new light as they listened to the various tributes and prayers. The older three took part in the Thanksgiving service, reading the Bible and praying, all thankful to be able to do something for their father who had done so much for them.

The Board of Governors convened a brief meeting the same day and requested Charles’ wife, Jaqui, to take on the responsibility of ‘Acting Principal’, until a new principal is found. It will not be an easy task to replace Charles in all the various roles he had as Principal, lecturer and pastoral advisor, yet it was a real encouragement when his brother, Jothy, not only agreed but was also adequately ‘prepared’ to complete Charles’ course on Church History over the three days following the funeral. Admittedly the students were a bit dazed and confused after all the events of the preceding days but they willing applied themselves to study for eight hours a day, thankful for Jothy’s presence amongst us and gift of teaching. We are thankful to another brother, Paul, who also has offered to come and teach a modular, with Fritz Deninger from 20th October. Such provisions are real confirmation that our Sovereign God will provide for all the needs of our college that just as Charles began in faith, it will continue by faith.

Please continue to pray for us all and especially Charles’ children as they go through the pains of coming to terms with their precious father’s absence. Mahilyesan knows that daddy is in Heaven with Jesus but he also saw his daddy in the box and them cover the box with earth. When he saw a photo of the box his hand rested upon it for a long time and he tried to take hold of the box but could not. Yes, please continue to pray for Thayawu, Anbu, Sama and Mahilyes. Thank you.

God's gift of life and love has gone -
has taken wings to realms of song
where God's own children all belong -
'with Christ' in all his glory.

We grieve in losing such a friend, give thanks for blessings that God sends, rejoice in life that has no end 'with Christ' in all his glory.

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