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September 2003 - Hoping in the Shadow of Death

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September 30, 2003

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your prayers. It is totally amazing how many people have written and how many came to the thanksgiving yesterday even though it was here in Trinco. People came from all over the island just to be here for the short time. If Charles had only known how much people did regard him. So often he felt quite out on his own.

The tributes and prayers at the Thanksgiving service were very precious. Actually they, along with the sermon, really have helped the children come to terms with his death and see their father in quite a different light. Thayawu, Anbu and Sama all participated in the service, reading the Bible and prayers.

First there was a short service in the college then we proceeded to the local Anglican church. Father Dhilo, a longtime friend of the family and a very godly man came all the way from Bandarawala and gave the message. His presence was a real answer to prayer, especially since he had so far to come. The procession them went to the cemetery, where one of the students made a tribute and we sang a few more hymns as some of the students and young men shovelled the soil to bury the coffin.

The students have been tremendous from the very beginning of this shock.

The college board members also came for the funeral, so at Jeevan's instigation they had a short board meeting and requested that I take on the responsibility of Acting Principal until another person can be found. One thing is clear that everyone wants this work to continue. The greatest need is for someone to replace Charles teaching.

Thank you for all your love and prayers, we really do appreciate them,

In Christ,


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