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July 2001 - Teacher from Wales, Pastor's Modular, Visitors

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Dear Friends,

This term has seen a continuing and encouraging increase in our student body, both in maturity and diversity. Ganaprogasam, from Hatton in the Hill country and Jacob Bala, from Vauniya have joined us. Both these men are married with young families back home and have each enriched our college community life. Our college campus is also looking more green and colourful after a number of Shramadana's (voluntary work days) when the students set about digging and planting new flowers and bushes around the driveway and college building. Their gifts are clearly not confined to the church and classroom!

Exams are a week early this term since Martin Lloyd from Wales is visiting Sri Lanka with his wife to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and has agreed to teach a modular on Hebrews the last week of term. It is encouraging for us all to have visitors and learn from the wealth of expertise and experience. This term we have also had visitors from Finland and Switzerland.

Our recent modular course, `Life and Work of a Pastor', was the largest so far with 18 students attending. 4 pastors came from Vavuniya and 2 from Batticaloa. It was a time of very rich fellowship for everyone and all are keen to return for Martin Lloyd's modular. Such opportunities for study and fellowship are clearly valued and appreciated by the relatively more isolated pastors from around the northeast, who do not have the opportunity for full-time study. Next term we are planning to hold another two modulars to serve these pastors.

The Mannar extension programme has been going well. Nepoleon taught the first course as a modular during the April vacation. Pastor Jothy followed it up by teaching a course through the term and Charles will be doing a modular at the end of August. Both the courses had 14 students, a good number for a beginning!

After being with us for 2 years, Nepoleon has decided to leave Baldaeus at the end of next term. His going creates a large gap in our faculty. We either need another full-time person or folk willing to be part-time and travel to Trinco each week.

We were kept afloat for the first half of the year by a number of gifts from various friends in UK and Canada, but our finances remained very low, particularly during the first part of the term. We were therefore very thankful to receive our Rivendell grant in June, making our financial position considerably healthier. We were also very encouraged by a surprise gift of 1000 pounds sterling from a friend in UK. We do need to continually build up our support base and have prepared a BTC brochure for this purpose.

Please Pray for:

  1. The students to really learn and grow in their knowledge and walk with the Lord.
  2. Good relationships amongst the faculty and staff.
  3. More faculty members to join us in January.
  4. Building up our support base.

Thank you.


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