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March 2001 - Defending the Faith, Need for Reformed Training

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March 20, 2001

Dear Friends,

We are truly grateful to our sovereign Lord for his gracious work of redemption in this land that is predominantly Buddhist and Hindu. Throughout the island the churches are growing, and this is accompanied by a need for theological education and training. To destroy God's work the enemy is also actively at work within the churches, often proclaiming "another gospel" - pluralism, liberalism, prosperity, or third wave. Consequently, quite a few new churches are getting filled with baptized pagans, and many more are filled with mere infants, lacking in spiritual discernment and maturity and thus easily swayed by the array of new teachings. The only antidote to these spiritual ills afflicting the church is to place the Bible in the hands of the people of God, prepare them for combat by empowering them with the Word of God (Eph.6:11,17; Is.11:9,10)

The arrival of Baldaeus Theological College meets a great need in Sri Lanka. Being the only Reformed seminary, it is dedicated to the task of equipping the church through teaching the Bible and applying its truths to our own milieu. The seminary was established in January 2000, initially to serve the churches in the war affected Northeast. From its inception the programmes were offered in the two national languages, Sinhalese and Tamil. The seminary has been steadily growing; it is presently attracting candidates from all over the island, including the Hill country and the South. To serve the separatist LTTE controlled Vanni region more effectively, on April 16th, Baldaeus will open the first ever long distance learning center to be based in Mannar.

For this work of training and equipping leaders to be sustained we need regular financial support from Reformed churches abroad. The Reformed churches here support us by sending dedicated staff personnel as well as students, but they are simply unable to give material resources.

Thank you for your attention and support. Please do continue to pray for the college, the students and all the challenges we face as we seek to strengthen the churches in Northeast Sri Lanka.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Dr. C. R. A. Hoole
Principal, BTC

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