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May 2000 - Sri Lanka Asks for Military Aid, Civil Uncertainty

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May 4, 2000

Dear Friends,

The fall of Jaffna looks imminent. The LTTE has been jubilant after the fall of Elephant Pass and were able to quickly move north, pushing back the demoralised SL Army (one senior army officer publicly stated that the LTTE have more fire power than the SL Army!).

It has been reported that the Sri Lankan government has already requested help from India to evacuate the 30,000 troops (and probably others who are known to support the government) from the Jaffna peninsula! However we have just heard that the SL government has asked India and Pakistan for help with air strikes in order to neutralise the big LTTE 'cannons'. Apparently the SL ground troops are unwilling to fight under the present conditions. The Indian Defense Minister is known to be pro-Tiger, which makes the situation more complicated and uncertain. (According to the BBC Tamil news the Indian Government are unwilling to give any military help).

Please pray for the civilians who will be left in Jaffna, that they will be protected and the LTTE won't go on a witch hunt and rampage, taking revenge on those who haven't supported them, as they take over the peninsula. It will be easy for panic to spread, lets pray for calm and 'a peace that does pass all understanding' amongst them.

Thank you for your prayers,

Charles and Jaqui

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