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April 8, 2000 - Exams Finished, Student Life, Financial Provision

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April 8, 2000

Dear Friends,

We do hope you are all well and will have a very blessed time over Easter.

The students are all returning home today after a week of exams, marking the end of BTC's first term. It has been a good week of cementing relationships with more than the usual amount of interaction between staff and students, be it concerning exam questions (after the papers!), experiences and impressions of the past term, or parting conversations (which seem to have the habit of going on...and on...and on!!) The hostel community invited the faculty to a fellowship meal, in place of the usual hostel meeting, on Tuesday night. Despite it being exam week and having an electricity cut, it was a very happy and jovial gathering, with Jayanatha (who had also brought his two girls along for this final week) sharing from the Word before the meal.

Pradhapan and Jeya's contribution to the hostel-life is greatly appreciated, as one student expressed, 'Jeya is both a mother and a sister, she always knows if anyone is not well and comes to help. Pradhapan works so hard during the day, (making tables, clearing the backyard, putting up fans etc.) but in the evening he sits down and takes out his big Bible...then he is ready to talk... Apparently Luther and Calvin often have long discussions!' Despite their different geographical and ecclessial/theological backgrounds, it is encouraging and heartening to see the way the students have come to appreciate, value and genuinely care for each other. Satyendra came to BTC looking for Yesudasan (who is partially-sighted) last night, since he hadn't arrived by 10.30pm. after visiting the Hooles. He found him, just getting ready to leave!

Sivakumar (Reuben) brought his wife and 6 month-old son, to BTC yesterday, on their way from her parent's home in Mutur, to Hatton. He will leave her with her uncle in Uppeveli, (just north of Trinco) for a week while he goes on to Hatton to secure a place for them to live. Thankfully he has been provided with some money to help pay an advance, please pray that God will lead hin to the right place.

It seems that Yesudasan will have to become a part-time student next term since he has not been able to do the necessary pastoral visiting in his church in Batticaloa, while studying full-time. He was hoping to find someone to look after the flock while he studied but as yet he has not found anyone. Please pray that God would show clearly what is His way and if necessary provide another person to oversee the church. (Prathapan, a former CTS student, could possibly fill in the gap but he is still away in India).

M. Sivakumar is a Hindu convert who pastors a church plant of Faith Tabernacle here in Trincomalee. While his two friends, Yathukulan, and Praba, with whom joined BTC, became part-time students, M. Sivakumar has remained a very keen full-time student, desiring to learn as much as he can from the lectures and his fellow students at BTC. Please pray for him, particularly that he would be able to continue as a full-time student.

It has been an eye-opener to prepare the BTC books for the end of the financial year. The following shows our expenditure by department within BTC, along with our income. We are indeed amazed and thankful for how richly God has supplied our needs through you and our other supporters. Thank you!

Baldaeus Theological College

Expenditure, January - March 2000 (=A31 =3D Rs. 115, U.S.$1 =3D Rs.73)

Library Furniture 57,583 Books 47,843 Total 105,426 College Furniture (Office) 26,912 Furniture (Classroom) 60,307 Kitchen Equipment 10,800 Photocopier 59,000 Telephone connection (2) 14,019 Miscellaneous 14,780 Total 185,818 OfficeExpenses Office Supplies 24,309 Advertising 2,200 Total 26,509 Hospitality Welcome Dinner 2,830 Board & Student's Dinner 2,500 Board Meeting Expenses 3,611 Weekly Fellowship meal 4,939 Total 13,880 Pay Regular staff and faculty 173,340 Visiting Lecturer 6,500 Translation (class & notes) 15,995 Moving & Transport 5,500 Total 201,335 Scholarships 36,400 Hostel Furniture 77,294 Kitchen Equipment 15,964 Hostel Improvements 45,488 Soft Furnishings 10,075 Tools, Equipment etc. 12,151 Advance 300,000 Deposit 10,000 Rent 8,000 Total 478,972 Total Expenditure 1,048,340

Baldaeus Theological College

Income, January - March, 2000 (Rs.)

Registration 15,675 Hostel Rent 2,000 Fellowship Meals 2,265 Local Donations 3,000 Foreign Donations 1087,827 Total 1110,767

(we can send this in a better form as an attachment if you want it)

Nepoleon has secured places for his children at the local schools, now he just needs to secure a house to live in! Please continue to pray for him and his family.

Thank you for your prayers,

Charles and Jaqui

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